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Practice in real estate transactions and representation in real estate disputes

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The firm has extensive legal experience in issues related to real estate law, both in editing real estate agreements and where unfortunately disputes arise and the transaction reaches the courts. The firm unique expertise in contract law and our experience in litigation relating to real estate contracts is a winning combination that gives our clients a wining advantage.

As a law firm dealing with real estate, we understand that a real estate transaction, whether for investment, a business, as a family home purchase, is sometimes one of the largest acquisitions one makes in his lifetime. We make it our business to ensure every real estate deal we are involved in will be signed and go as smooth for our clients as possible

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Real estate Lawyer

Here are some of the real estate contracts and deals Mr. Yaron Bar El, as a lawyer in Israel, has more 2 decades of experience with:  Apartment sale \ purchase agreements | plots agreements | real estate Sharing agreements | real estate Combination deals | private homes Sale \ purchase agreement | commercial properties purchase / rental Agreements.

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Over the years Yaron represented in courts hundreds of clients with cases regarding the Israeli real estate laws, among them:  enforcement / cancellation of sale agreements for real estate | Cancelation of real estate deals | Enforcement / cancellation of lease | Removal of trespassers from property | Attaching parts of the common property in a apartment house to a certain apartment | Application to the court for the dissolution of property sharing | tenant evictions.
Bar el Yaron, advocate
Bar el Yaron, advocateTwo decades of experience, unique specialization in civil & commercial litigation
Born in 1971, Israel, and was qualified as a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2004. Adv. Bar El Yaron specializes in commercial and real estate disputes litigation and contract law in particular. Yaron dealt with countless cases, representing international companies, especially in business disputes with Israeli companies alongside individuals with cases involving civil law.