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Lawyer in Israel - 6 guidelines to find the best one for you

How to find an attorney in Israel

Choosing the right lawyer in Israel can be tricky, especially when you are outside of Israel. In this article we will try to give some guidelines to help you find exactly the right lawyer for your legal case in Israel.

Below are 6 guidelines to help you find and hire the best lawyer in Israel for your legal needs:


  1. Make sure the Israeli attorney is a specialist in your legal matter
  2. Ask in advance what will the Attorney's fee the fee and other expenses
  3. conduct a simple background Check
  4. Find out if the Israeli lawyer was hired by other clients' outside of Israel
  5. Call the Prospective Israeli attorneys and talk to them
  6. make sure the Israeli lawyer is easy to contact with

lawyer in Israel

Make sure the Israeli attorney is a specialist in your legal matter:

The first thing to do when searching the right lawyer in Israel is to find a specialist lawyer for your exact legal matter and needs.

Most lawyers specialize in some specific areas of the law. Israel is one of the most "blessed" countries in the world when it comes to lawyers. Most of them are very good but sometimes they just don’t have the right experience to handle your case – make sure they do before you hire them.

If the lawyer truly knows his field of expertise, you can be sure he will always be one step before the other side and will take advantage of all his previous experience with other cases to better advance your case. Sometimes specialists may charge you little extra, but in the long run you will understand your money is well spent.

Other things to consider regarding experience is how long has he been practicing law and does he have sufficient experience appearing in court – this matter is actually crucial, especially dealing with the vast number of cases each Israeli judge is dealing with.


Ask in advance what will the Attorney's fee the fee and other expenses:

Higher lawyers fee is never a guaranty for good legal services. However, you should also be aware of a rock bottom fee which may be a warning for all kinds of problems, inexperience, or incompetence.

Know that in Israel, most of the lawyers don't charge by the hours. The reason might be their suspicious Israeli clients want to know in advance exactly what they will pay for the case they have.

So, don’t be shy to ask exactly what the fee and expenses, including court fee, you will have to pay from the moment you hire an Israeli lawyer until judgment is given or you reach some kind of compromise.

Everything you finally agree on, the Israeli lawyers fee and all his obligations regarding the case should be outlined in a written representation (or fee) agreement signed by you and him.


conduct a simple background Check:

In Israel all lawyers should be a member of the Israeli lawyer's bar. Before going further with any Israeli lawyer, you should make sure you can find him in the list of Israeli lawyers' which is open for all in the Israeli lawyer's bar website. it is very simple – if his name is there, he is a licensed and active lawyer in Israel.

Try to browse his web page. Most Israeli lawyers have only a small website which describe their areas of expertise. However, you can find many who have a website in which you can find legal articles he wrote, legal document he submitted to court and even judgments he got for his clients.


Find out if the Israeli lawyer was hired by other clients' outside of Israel:

This point is very relevant for clients outside of Israel, dealing with an Israeli lawyer. First, there is a language barrier. Most of the Israeli lawyers know English but sometimes it is very basic and you might have problems communicating with each other, especially in writing. When you talk or write to a potential Israeli lawyer, pay attention to this.

There is also the experience a lawyer dealing with clients not from Israel has. There are several legal matters that he will have to know about, there is the time difference, basic knowledge of your client's culture and other matters. Generally dealing with a long-distance client requires a different kind of sensitivity and understanding.

So, when speaking with a potential Israeli lawyer for the first time, ask him about his experience with clients outside of Israel, make this one more thing to concede before your final decision.


Call the Prospective Israeli Attorneys and talk to them:

When you find a lawyer on the web or from recommendation you get from friends call him at his office. Outline in short what is the legal situation you face and outline your needs. Most Israeli lawyer knows English so you won't have problems communicating with them.

Talking with a lawyer, like talking to anyone, can give you a good idea about his personality and temper. This way you can easily find out who you are dealing with. No matter how experienced or how many cases he won in court – if you can't feel chemistry with him after a talk or two, he is probably not the lawyer for you.

Trust your feelings, you can search for the right Israeli attorney for ever, but if you find the right one with the proper experience, skills and you can easily talk to him and he understands you, he can actually be the right attorney for you.


make sure the Israeli lawyer is easy to contact with:

Unfortunately, most of the complaint's clients have against their lawyers are based on lack of communication and poor promptness. You will find out that some lawyers have more then one or two ways to contact them, some of them even has an office WhatsApp number you can write to.

Ask any lawyer you talk to what are the ways of communication with him and how long it will take him to return your calls or your emails. It is very frustrating waiting to long for a lawyer to return you calls or mails, find a lawyer that will promptly answer you when you need him.



Adv. Bar El Yaron


Article author: Adv. Bar El Yaron

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