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Handling a new case

From the initial phone call to getting started on the case

Our procedures for handling a new case

On this page you can learn about steps for handling a new legal case in our office from the initial acquaintance with the client to filing pleadings with the court.

Initial acquaintance

Initial phone call

התייעצות בטלפון

After a client contacts us through a referral from another client, the office WhatsApp, a הודעתך on the website or in any other way, the first phone call between us is to examine together the options and potential of the. If indeed there is a case and our firm can help with it a meeting is scheduled with Mr. Bar el Yaron, adv. This meeting can be done by video conference through the Zoom application. 

Initial acquaintance

A preliminary meeting

Consultation Meeting

פגישת ייעוץ

The initial consultation meeting is held in our office or by a video apps like Zoom. Its purpose is to understand the case in greater depth and to indirectly hear the circumstances of the case and what the client wants to achieve. At the conclusion of the meeting, the client will receive a legal opinion on the specific case presented to us, the estimated schedule and of course the costs of representation and related expenses such as court fees.

Definition of the legal actions

Fee agreement

הסכם שכר טרחה

After both sides, us and the client, agree to work together a fee agreement is signed. This agreement, includes the nature of the case, the details of the legal service that our firm will provide to the client, the agreed fees and the payment possibilities. Other general topics, including specific demands and/or remarks requested by the client, are also listed.

Definition of the legal actions

Getting started with woeking on the case

work meeting

הסכם שכר טרחה

Upon receipt of the case, and prior to the preparation of the pleadings and / or documents received in our office regarding the case, a work meeting is being held between the client and Adv. Bar El Yaron. This meeting allows a wider understanding of the case, to better understand the evidence and decide on strategy.

Working together

filing pleadings with the court

הגשת כתבי הטענות

After submitting the initial pleadings with the court, the legal case is sometimes carried out for only a few months, sometimes years. During this time, we consider collaboration with our customers the key to our success. As soon as we start working on the case, we provide each client with a secure link to the computer folder in our office where all the documents in the case are uploaded in real time. You can also contact a Yaron on the office phone or write to him at our office WhatsApp.

Working together