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Execution office lawyer

Representing creditors and debtors in execution proceedings

Execution Office Attorney

From our experience as an execution law office, for more than 2 decades now, we learned individuals and companies find the execution office procedures very confusing and frustrating. We do our best to provide our clients not only a sharp and professional service but also very personal.

For initial advice regarding contract law ...

Execution Law Office

Our experience over many years in various cases, representing both creditors and debtors, gives us a broader perspective and allowing us to complete every case as fast as possible, savings considerable expenses.

Execution Office Lawyer Representation

Below are some of the services Mr. Yaron Bar El, as a lawyer in Israel for the past 15 years provides to our clients, debtors and creditors, at the execution office in Israel:

Representation for debtors at the execution office: debts deletion and discharge from debts in accordance with the new execution office procedure | Abolition of restrictions on bank accounts | Eliminating restrictions on the driving license | lean cancelation on a bank accounts | debt arrangements with banks and other creditors and many other procedures.

Representation for creditors at the execution office: debt collection for companies and private businesses | Collection of commercial and individual checks | Arrangements with debtors | Representation for creditors against debtors claims to the Chief execution officer| appeals on decisions given by the Chief Execution Officer and many other procedures.

Bar el Yaron, advocate
Bar el Yaron, advocateTwo decades of experience, unique specialization in civil & commercial litigation
Born in 1971, Israel, and was qualified as a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2004. Adv. Bar El Yaron specializes in commercial and real estate disputes litigation and contract law in particular. Yaron dealt with countless cases, representing international companies, especially in business disputes with Israeli companies alongside individuals with cases involving civil law.