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Debt collection in Israel

2 decades of experience with collecting debts in Israel

Debt collection in Israel

Our office and Mr. Yaron Bar El, a lawyer in Israel is the sole representative of the Global Credit Solutions in Israel and for the last 14 years our office deals with debt collection in Israel for clients all over the world. Our firm regularly works with Individuals, banks and leading corporations, helping them making the globe truly a small village, especially when it comes to debt collection. 

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Foreign Debt collection in Israel

The difficulties in collecting debts outside of one's own country are apparent. Many country exporters are frequently faced with the problematic unavoidable need to collect debts in another country. We discovered that in many cases a lot of them simply quit the debt collection procedures and declare the debt as lost, even when the debts amount to a substantial amount of money.

The time spent on collection calls, for E-mail correspondence and other actions against the debtor is exhausting and frustrating, especially when you examine the manpower costs and the waste of time and nothing appears to happen – the debt is still outstanding.

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Debt collection in Israel No collection No fee

Our firm approach to debt collection in Israel and all over the world is based on No collection No fee. Our clients pay only when the debt is actually collected from the debtor. Mr. Yaron Bar El, as a lawyer in Israel, has more then 2 decades of experience dealing with debt collection in Israel. 

There is no minimum for the collection files being transferred to us, the client can transfer one or hundreds cases for collection in Israel or all over the world. This also applies to the amounts.

The transfer of casess for collection to our office is simple and immediate. This includes transferring the case ,usually by electronic media, and after that we immediately srart the collection process of collecting debts in Israel.

Bar el Yaron, advocate
Bar el Yaron, advocateTwo decades of experience, unique specialization in civil & commercial litigation
Born in 1971, Israel, and was qualified as a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2004. Adv. Bar El Yaron specializes in commercial and real estate disputes litigation and contract law in particular. Yaron dealt with countless cases, representing international companies, especially in business disputes with Israeli companies alongside individuals with cases involving civil law.