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Over the past 2 decades, our firm has gained extensive experience in representing companies and shareholders in complex litigation cases related to corporate law. Our goal as corporate law office in Israel is to allow the company to do business, while we in the background, worry about all the legal issues.

Attorney Bar El Yaron has considerable experience in proceedings concerning disputes between controlling shareholders in the Company and the relationship between the majority shareholders and the minority. We understand corporate law mainly from the business perspective, for the benefit of the Company and the shareholders.

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Corporate Law Office

We have endeavored to bring you a part of our firm's experience and background as a corporate law office. You are welcome to review claims we filed to court in behalf of our clients, the firm's rulings from courts in corporate law issues, and the articles we published on various corporate law issues (Hebrew), here are some of them:

Corporate Lawyer

The firm has extensive experience in representing companies and shareholders (majority and minority) as well as experience in representing a wide range of companies and an even wider range of issues in corporate law. More importantly, over the years we gained knowledge and understanding of the business environment in which companies in Israel operates.

Bar el Yaron, advocate
Bar el Yaron, advocateTwo decades of experience, unique specialization in civil & commercial litigation
Born in 1971, Israel, and was qualified as a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2004. Adv. Bar El Yaron specializes in commercial and real estate disputes litigation and contract law in particular. Yaron dealt with countless cases, representing international companies, especially in business disputes with Israeli companies alongside individuals with cases involving civil law.