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Areas of expertise

Our Firm areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise

Our office has a unique experience with commercial contracts negotiation and litigation, corporate litigation, debt collection in Israel, execution office law procedures and bankruptcy litigation

Contract lawyer

Contract Lawyer

The main expertise of our firm is the Israeli contract law and litigation

Real Estae lawyer

Real Estae lawyer

Over the years Yaron represented in courts hundreds of clients with cases regarding the Israeli real estate laws

Corporate law

Corporate Law

Over the past 2 decades, our firm has gained extensive experience in representing companies and shareholders

Bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy lawyer

Our firm is proud to say that every client, undergoing bankruptcy procedures, gets our full personal attention

Execution lawyer

Execution Law

We do our best to provide our clients not only a sharp and professional service but also very personal

Debt Collection in israel

Debt Collection

Our firm regularly works with Individuals, banks and leading corporations, helping them making the globe truly a small village

Bar el Yaron, advocate
Bar el Yaron, advocateTwo decades of experience, unique specialization in civil & commercial litigation
Born in 1971, Israel, and was qualified as a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2004. Adv. Bar El Yaron specializes in commercial and real estate disputes litigation and contract law in particular. Yaron dealt with countless cases, representing international companies, especially in business disputes with Israeli companies alongside individuals with cases involving civil law.

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